Common Energy Imbalances That Begin In The Fall

Dr. GailV / November 30, 2023

Where is my HEART Energy?

Autumn Equinox Marks First Day of Fall!

Tips to Rise Above the stress of our World

Balance Versus Conflict

There Are No Problems – Only Solutions

Is Your Perspective Clouded?

Don’t take anything for granted:
Instead- take EVERYTHING with GRATITUDE!

WINTER – What IS This Season Trying to Teach Me?

Distance Energy Balancing & Healing Workshop

Distance Energy Healing Workshop

What are you programed for?

Healing with Joy – Spring Into Your Chakras!

Healing with Joy – Fear is just a Four-letter Word

Healing with Joy – Spring IS in the Air!

Healing with Joy – Youth & Energy

Healing with Joy – Gratitude

Healing with Joy – Perspective of Perception

Healing with Joy – ALTA- Your Spiritual Discharge Form

Healing with Joy: Empower Yourself

Healing with Joy – Planting and Cultivating

Healing with Joy – Gearing Up for Summer!

Healing with Joy – Expelling the Venom

Healing with Joy – Connections with Angels

Healing with Joy – Connections with Chakras

Healing with Joy – Forgiveness

Healing with Joy – Listen & Trust Yourself

Healing with Joy – Reaching for Gratitude

Healing with Joy – Letting Go with Grace

Healing with Joy – Transformation

Healing with Joy – Distance Energy Healing

Healing with Joy – Transforming Panic into Joy

Healing with Joy – Raising Consciousness

Healing with Joy – Challenges of Change

Healing with Joy – Energy Evaluation and Correction Session

Healing with Joy – A Cluttered, Stagnant Life

Healing with Joy – Energy Awareness

Radish Magazine – Use your energy: Practitioner describes how energy medicine can help you

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Common Energy Imbalances That Begin In The Fall

So many energetic changes have occurred since last month!  From the Universe and Planetary shifts to the changes we are experiencing daily with early sunsets!  Our energy cycles are affected by this normal yearly occurrence. Notice you become tired earlier in the evening as it becomes dark at 4:30 PM?When you go to bed tired, do…
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Collage of nature images

Where is my HEART Energy?

Our expectations of how our life should flow, what we need to do, where we go, what we deserve in life is based predominately on our ego thoughts.  Unfortunately, our ego thoughts are not always beneficial.  We need our ego to be balanced and not governing our lives. I experienced a  beautiful lesson of releasing expectations. …
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Autumn 2023

Autumn Equinox Marks First Day of Fall!

It is time for our next energetic transition from our Summer Fire Rhythm to that of Fall.  Autumn Equinox occurs on Sept 23, 2023 at 1:50 AM CST.  During the season of Fall, our Earth Rhythm Energy moves into the same alignment as the Sun- to the Center of our Rhythm Cycle.  The Fall Equinox…
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Expanding Heart

Tips to Rise Above the stress of our World

Greetings Everyone in this important time of our year!  It is the time of the 8/8 Lions Gate- a Stellar Gateway!   Occurring on August 8th each year, Lions Gate is the joining of two strong cosmic energies: the star Sirius coming into alignment with Earth and the Sun exerting its influence from its ruling sign of…
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Heart Rock

Balance Versus Conflict

Summer Solstice brought to us New Light with a reminder that Light and Love are always available to us!  Everywhere we go, in everything we do! How do we observe our experiences in this world?  Ask yourself- am I in a Balanced State or one with conflict?  While taking my daily walk I became aware…
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There Are No Problems – Only Solutions

May 2023 NewsletterMeditation of JoyChanneled by Gail from Spirit In my meditation the other day I kept hearing this phrase- “There are no problems, only solutions”.  As I was trying to figure out this weird message I began looking for a solution to the puzzle I had just been given!  Beginning with the word or…
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