Healing with Joy – Gearing Up for Summer!

Greetings Everyone!  I am hoping this finds you well and ready for some summer fun!  After a long break from being in the physical classroom – it is time to return!  New class offerings are being scheduled for the summer months!  How do we prepare our body and energy systems for reintegration after the long…
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Man standing on a beach

Healing with Joy – Expelling the Venom

Mother Nature and Daily Energy Routine Winter has passed and Spring is awake!  How wonderful it is to see the grass turn green and the gardens come alive with the first blooming flowers!  Can you feel the uplifting shift of the heavy energy from our secluded winter?  It is similar to taking off the heavy…
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Angels on the stoop

Healing with Joy – Connections with Angels

When did I stop saying ‘Hello’ to The Angels?“Messages From Joy!” Ever find yourself feeling alone?  Wondering when the sensation of isolation is going to leave?  When will my path light up that I can follow?  How do I restore JOY in my daily life?  Seems I have been asking these questions lately.  Suddenly I heard an…
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Healing with Joy – Connections with Chakras

Greetings to everyone!  The winter months have provided time for introspection of self.  Our hibernating self is beginning to stir in a fresh restlessness.  We are anxious to be outdoors with nature.  Step outside and feel the warm sunshine upon your face.  Let the rays stimulate your body’s natural vitamin and hormone production.  Drink in the…
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Healing with Joy – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a step in Healing with Joy! How do we forgive when we have been hurt by another you ask? Hurt becomes our perception of the experience that we have chosen to take within, unconsciously perhaps, but none the less, we have the option to choose.  Forgiveness begins with ourselves.  Can we think of this: Where I…
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Healing with Joy – Listen & Trust Yourself

ALTA- Your Spiritual Discharge Form Alta by one definition is ‘discharge form’.  What has this to do with raising your Spiritual vibration higher ?  You can take this ‘discharge form’ and use it to be officially ‘discharged’ from the lower energetic vibrations holding you in the lower dense energies.ALTA-        AWARENESS – open your mind and Heart…
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