Heart Rock

Summer Solstice brought to us New Light with a reminder that Light and Love are always available to us!  Everywhere we go, in everything we do! How do we observe our experiences in this world?  Ask yourself- am I in a Balanced State or one with conflict? 

While taking my daily walk I became aware that I was in an unbalanced state of mind.  I felt frustration and worry.  These emotions were taking over my mind so much that even my steps were off balance! 

The sidewalk had bird droppings on it. I tried to step around the droppings, and I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t coordinate my feet to step around the droppings because I was so unbalanced!

I stopped walking and looked down with Awareness and saw a most beautiful reminder of who I am- and Recognized that my worries and frustrations are based on my ego perception versus the Energy of My Heart. 

Mother Nature brought me a message of pure Love!  The bird droppings were in the shape of a Heart!!! 

As soon as I recognized the Heart before me, my frustration and worry left me instantly.  I became Aware that my imbalance was within My Heart.  I began laughing out loud by how unique our Angel Messages are!  My balance was immediately restored with my Gratitude for being given a natural unexpected, beautiful message. 

Generating Awareness of your surrounding will bring you many gifts of Love!  How many Hearts will you find today?  Look through Gratitude and Love to release the unbalanced ego emotions.  Recognize that you are contributing to Your Evolution with High Energetic Vibrations with the Power to Manifest what you need for your journey today! 

A simple energetic tool is to Trace 2-3 Hearts around your face and chest with your hands!  This activates the energy of Your Heart and Your Radiant Circuits.

May You have a Joyous experience with opening your Awareness for Balance and Evolution through LOVE!

Many Blessings!

Dr. Gail

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