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Vagus Nerve & Cellular Memory Release For Trauma & Stress

A Presentation at Hermitage Farm


Private Energy Medicine Sessions

A Presentation at Hermitage Farm


First Line of Defense: Your Aura!

A Presentation at Hermitage Farm

Expanding Heart

Healing The Healer... Balancing the Chakras, 5-Rhythms and Meridians with The Art of Raising Frequency

Online Course
September 14 & 15, 2024

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Therapy Room Crystals
Pre-recorded Online Course

The Power of Your Meridians

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of the POWER that YOUR Meridians Hold for
    Self-Care and for Your Clients
  • Become Proficient in Tracing Your Meridian Energy Cycle
  • Nourish All Your Organs and The Systems They Serve
  • Review Physical Symptoms as They Relate to Meridian Energy Imbalances
Pre-recorded Online Course

Empower Yourself Series - Empathic & Energy Sensitivities

Do you consider yourself a ‘Sensitive” or an “Empath”? Are you sensitive to the energy and moods of others? Ever wonder why when someone is hurting, you also begin to hurt in the same way? Do you find yourself struggling with being an empath and taking on others energy? Are you having difficulty clearing the effects of outside subtle energies from your biofield system? What is the difference of having empathy and being empathic? Are you finding you can’t think clearly when you come near an electromagnetic tower? Does fragrance in the soap isle send you running for fresh air leaving you light headed and spinning? This workshop is an opportunity for you to learn how you can build resistance to outside subtle energies and become more resilient within your own energy field. I will share energy methods for you to clear your energy biofield. We will learn deep grounding techniques.