What type of Energy Workshop will you offer? 
MEM specializes in Energy Medicine, Chakra Health, Reiki Energy, Angel Energy, Crystal Energy and Health for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Offering new workshops and classes in Recognizing Your Special Gifts of the Energies, Discovering You are an Empath and How to Protect Yourself, Empowering Self Through Spirit, and many more!   The program is designed to meet your needs.


What if a topic I want is not listed?
Just let us know what areas of health you want to learn more about. MEM offers many other topics of wellness education, alternative, complementary and traditional.


Are professional education credits offered?
Currently, professional education credits are not offered, however, a certificate of completion will be awarded at completion of every workshop on request.


Does MEM offer seminars on general health-related conditions?
Yes, general health- related conditions are taught as well as integrating the energetic, Spiritual aspects of conditions to provide holistic view for you to relate to.


How long are the workshops?
The average length of a MEM workshop is 90 minutes up to 8 hours.  Time is determined on topic you desire.


What are the fees for workshops?
Fees are flexible depending on the length of the seminar workshop, the number of participants, distance traveled.


Does MEM offer individual Energy Medicine sessions?
Yes.  Please see the service section under sessions.  Sessions are for individuals of all ages. Energy Sessions are inclusive for men, women, and children.  Health issues are also considered in addition to the associated stress, emotional, or spiritual imbalances you may have from any chronic health problems.  MEM offers Energy Healing Sessions for:

  • immune system imbalances
  • fertility issues
  • daily health
  • anxiety, depression
  • addictions
  • pain management
  • past life regression
  • GRID repair
  • Chakra health
  • Reiki sessions
  • and more...