• Marnie C.

    I started having my son and daughter do long distance sessions with Gail in the fall, and immediately noticed a difference. My daughter who was beginning to come down with what we were afraid was another UTI- seemed to get much better overnight. The kids still got colds and sniffles over the winter months like they always do from preschool, but the severity was clearly much less. I stopped worrying that my daughter would get another ear infection or UTI needing antibiotics. Furthermore, Gail makes wonderful stories out of the healing adventures they share together and sends them complete with pictures. Both kids love them (even if they don’t always understand).  And it was interesting how the stories really fit their personalities. Recently my son went on a fishing healing adventure with Gail and unbeknownst to Gail we’d been reading a story about fishing and my son had been playing a lot of imaginary fishing games.

  • Barbara E.

    I am privileged to have known Gail Van Kanegan for many years - she is one of the most gifted, talented and compassionate of energy healers. Gail leverages her strong nursing background, broad training in multiple healing modalities, and a unique sensitivity to energy in all its forms, to provide maximum benefits for her clients and patients. A session with Gail is an awakening and healing experience not to be missed!