Energy Healing

May 2023 Newsletter
Meditation of Joy
Channeled by Gail from Spirit

In my meditation the other day I kept hearing this phrase- “There are no problems, only solutions”.  As I was trying to figure out this weird message I began looking for a solution to the puzzle I had just been given! 

Beginning with the word or issue of “problem”.  The word problem sends out some energy that is unbalanced. 

So now I’m faced with some unbalanced energy causing me to stop in my tracks and leave me frustrated.  I have created the “problem” with in myself by my unbalanced look at the puzzle. 

Now let’s have a look at the puzzle from the view point of a challenge instead.  Now I have a mission to locate the solution!

Just reframing the word “Problem” to “CHALLENGE” I now operate from an energy filled with Strength, Courage, Motivation, and Joy!  This is my solution! 

When our little ego & Triple Warmer starts screaming over facing a ‘problem’ and stops you from being able to see past your frustration, fear, anxiousness, worry, and grief – Take the Challenge by reaching into your HEART, pull forward Your Love & Joy.

Take a deep breath and use the following simple energy tool to calm Triple Warmer and your Sympathetic Nervous System.

  • Fold your Ring Finger down towards your palm
  • Place your Thumb over the top of your Ring Finger
  • Let your Index Finger rest on top of your thumb as you hold your Ring Finger
  • Breathe in through your nose out your mouth 2-3 times
  • Feel Triple Warmer calming and balance being restored

Bring the “Challenge” to the “Solution” with Grace and Confidence in Yourself and others!  Feel the Peace growing within!  Know you are surrounded by your Guardian Angels guiding you to the “Solution”!

Please let me know if you need additional guidance for Transitioning & Evolving into “The Solution”! 

Many Blessings & Much Joy!
Dr. Gail