Expanding Heart

Greetings Everyone in this important time of our year!  It is the time of the 8/8 Lions Gate- a Stellar Gateway!   Occurring on August 8th each year, Lions Gate is the joining of two strong cosmic energies: the star Sirius coming into alignment with Earth and the Sun exerting its influence from its ruling sign of Leo.

The day is considered a window, or portal, into enhanced awareness that lies beyond our usual perception. This alignment creates a “portal” for manifestations to take place. 

Breathe in the Cosmic Energy and feel your energetic vibrations rising- above our daily stress of the world.  As you Breathe, allow your Heart to speak the intentions for your highest good.  You have just Risen Above the stress of Our World!!  So Easy!

Bringing forward our Heart Energy provides a different perspective of our lives.  Try this- Place your right hand in your left arm pit, drag your hand down the inside of the arm all the way to your little finger – pinch the end of the little finger when you reach it.  Do the same on the  right side of your body. 

You are strengthening your Heart Meridian and bringing fresh energy in . This helps to quiet the chatter scatter of the ego always telling us what we did wrong.

Trace your Heart Meridian from pit to tip of baby finger while you speak your intentions of manifesting the positive, strong, courageous, joyful, humble, loving energies to your being!  Utilize the powerful energetic shifts of our Universe during Lions Gate to nourish you and help you manifest what your Heart needs for you to follow your path! 

Not in a position to trace your Heart Meridian?  No worries!  Pinch the ends of your Baby Finger often with your intentions of nurturing the Heart and YOU!

Raise Your Energetic Vibration!

Please see workshops below and join us- your Energetic Vibration will greatly elevate above the stress of our world!