ALTA by one definition is ‘discharge form’.  What has this to do with raising your Spiritual vibration higher?  You can take this ‘discharge form’ and use it to be officially ‘discharged’ from the lower energetic vibrations holding you down within the lower dense energies.
        AWARENESS – open your mind and Heart to that which you do not see.  Begin to accept that you are part of the vast network of Spirit.  
        LISTEN – quiet the scatter chatter in your head.  Be still and listen for your Divine messages to come to you in the form of thoughts and ideas.
        TRUST – step out of fear and Trust yourself!  Inside you lies a wonderous soul guiding your every step.  
        ACT – Go Do It!  Use the messages you received in your daily life.  Make change happen!  Step outside the ‘box’ and create new paths to walk upon.  Experience and interact with Life!
As you use your new ‘discharge form’ into higher energetic vibrations, “ALTA” your life and evolve as you become Aware and Listen and Trust Yourself! 

Empowerment Workshop Series

Join me on September 30, 2021, from 6:30 pm CST – 8:00 pm CST for a live Zoom interactive workshop.  We begin our Empowerment Workshop Series- Quieting the Mind & Stepping into Heart Space. REGISTER NOW! 

Methods to transform stress-based energy into Love based energy will be shared and demonstrated. We will address the physical, biological, energetic & Spiritual influences of being Centered & Empowered through Heart.

Please visit my website to begin your Journey of Empowerment.   I welcome your email with questions – I’ll address them in the workshop

Many Blessings & Much Joy

Dr Gail