Healing Energy with crystal

Quieting the Mind and Stepping Into Heart Space

How does our mind become so full of thoughts all the time?  Why doesn’t my brain shut off when I want to rest, meditate, or sleep?  This is a real issue for all of us in our modern world.  Do a self-evaluation of your life activities during the day.  Look at all the challenges you work with from the time you rise until when you can sit in peace and rest.  Now, add in the stress variables that get tossed at us all day long while we are trying to accomplish our daily goals.  No wonder our minds don’t shut off- there is just too much stuff to process!  

Here is an interesting twist on our noisy mind space (ego brain)- our emotions will trigger our thoughts and our thoughts will trigger our emotions.   Example- visualize, think of, or imagine this: your busy mind multi-tasking nicely and you get interruped in your organized flow.  As questions are being asked of you, frustration begins to develop.  Then, the rest of your day is complicated by more challenges with frustrating irritating experiences.

When you finally step out of the stress for the day, your mind is racing forward replaying all the events of the negative interactions you experienced all day long.  It feels like there is no end to the stream of frustrating thoughts that plays past you.  Emotions run high in this stressful state.  We may begin to experience sadness, anger, grief, anxiousness, or fear.  And now, I’m angry at the world and everyone in it, and my mind just won’t shut off!

We chose to become frustrated instead of meeting our challenges from the perspective of Love.  The good news is that we have choice for our responses.  Let’s learn how to easily activate our Heart to guide us through the day instead of the volatile emotions of the mind (ego brain). 

A dear friend & mentor of mine (Suzanne Giesemann) shares that if we approach each challenging situation with the phrase-‘isn’t that interesting’, we change the energy field around us that supports activation of our Heart energy for response.  Now, I can direct energy towards seeking a solution for the challenge from my Heart. 

Send Love into your thoughts to transform negative chatter into Heart based thoughts.  The greatest benefit of activating the Heart response is peace and calm, less challenges in the day, minimal stress response activation, finding solutions to our challenges easier, and less brain chatter when you are seeking peace. 

After you say, ‘isn’t that interesting’, bring your hands to your Heart and breathe.  Tap your Heart space in gratitude before verbally responding.  As you feel your Heart activating and whispering to you, the negative emotions calm and become quiet. 

You can hold a mudra to the forehead for a minute or more to calm the stress response.  Touch the index finger and thumb tips together on each hand.  This makes the ‘OK’ sign.  Place the thumb and index fingers on the temples and the other 3 fingers lay flat across the forehead.  Breathe in through your nose and exhale through open mouth.  You can hold this ‘mellow mudra’ for 1-10 minutes or longer.  You can do these energy exercises as often and for as long as you feel you need it.  As you become relaxed, your mind stops with all the ego brain chatter while the Heart is passing forward loving peaceful energy!  It is great to hold the ‘mellow mudra’ as you are trying to fall asleep!  Bring on the Loving Energy!  You have Choice and the Power to make changes in your life in a Positive Light!  Turn On Your Heart Energy! 

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Many Blessings & MUCH JOY & LOVE to you all!  Dr. Gail