Warm Welcome Everyone to our October Newsletter! 
The season is in flux with grand beauty blooming a sea of colors through the trees.  I just love to walk or drive the same paths in order to be part of Mother Earth’s metamorphosis from summer to autumn. 
For example, my sunflower garden had hundreds of blooms all summer.  As the sunflowers matured, their seeds dropped out and all the little nature beings have been feasting and hoarding away the food.  I look out now at my sunflower garden and there are tall brown/green stalks all around, the leaves have dropped off to become compost, flower heads are a source of nourishment for birds and other nature beings. 
I see the beauty of the lifecycle process.  My Heart expands with each thought of the changes taking place.  This is my perspective. 
If you ask my father what he sees- he will say the sunflowers “look like they really falling apart, old, and dying”.  This is his perspective.  This is one way to perceive energy. 
Remember- EVERYTHING is ENERGY.  How do you perceive the subtle energies that surround and infuse our bodies and environment? How does your perception to specific energies relate to your behavioral response?  Example: When you are sharing intense feelings about a situation or challenge to someone for support and the response you receive is: “I don’t see why you are upset about that, it’s no big deal”.
Now we have 2 things we are upset about.  The challenge and the lack of acknowledgment of my feelings from a trusted person.  How does this happen?  We all have innate perspectives of perception as it relates to the Five Rhythms, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal. 
I invite you to join me for MEM’s Monthly Self-Care Workshop to learn how we perceive and understand our world through the Five Rhythms.

We will be introduced to how our energies affect our daily living and what we can do to enhance our energetic, physical, emotional & spiritual systems.

Sensory Perception of Energy
October 21st, 6:30 – 8:00 pm – CST

Our five senses provide us with information and understanding of our energy pathways.  Our Five Rhythms of water, wood, fire, earth & metal provide our foundation to interacting with the energies surrounding us.  Learn about your Five Rhythms and how we understand our world!

Empathic & Energy Sensitivities
November 18th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm –CST

November’s Self-Care Workshop will focus on beginning to understand why I feel agitated or nervous when in a room of florescent lights.  Maybe I feel sudden tightness in my breath when I step into the laundry detergent isle.  Some feel other’s pain and suffering.  And many of us actually take the other persons pain away from them and integrate the pain into our being.  Bringing another’s energy into our being can make us sick. 
You are able to register for my workshops via my web site at https://midwestenergymovement.com/services/workshops/

I look forward to meeting with you.

I’m Grateful to be able to “Share the Energy”
Save The Date
I would like to invite you to participate in a FREE online event that my dear friend, colleague, and mentor, Suzanne Giesemann, World known Evidence Based Medium will be having.  Date is November 6, 2021, at 10:00 am Pacific time.  The FREE event will be offered by The Shift Network.  When registration is open, I’ll forward the information and post it on my Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/MidWestEnergyMovement/
Many Blessings & Much Joy & Love to You!
Dr Gail