Warm greetings to each of you in the chill of December.

I ponder what is important for me to remember each day – to be Grateful for what I have in my life right now.  How do we deal with overwhelming emotions when challenges come forward?  Be grateful you say?  But for what – the stress that is present is too much to bear.  When stressful challenges are so great that we can’t see the trees in the forest, seek out one sparkle of light in your energies. 

Look past the emotion and find your sparkle!  Once you see your sparkle you can multiply it rapidly just by recognizing that you are sparkling!  Just like the icicles shimmering in the sunlight.  Being conscious of our sparkle raises the energetic vibration.  We are able to increase our Sparkle, Our Light, just by acknowledging it’s presence.

Breathe in through the Heart and feel your strength and courage come forward as you increase your Sparkle!  As we rise above the emotions, we find solutions to our challenges.  With this new awareness of our full potential to Sparkle in the midst of challenges comes Gratitude

Be Grateful for your Sparkle! You have the power to make it glow bright and connect with your higher purpose for the day. Solutions are revealed through Gratitude. 

This is who you are- Gratitude – which translates into LOVE!  Be LOVE!

I wish you all a most blessed Holiday Season.  I am grateful for Your Sparkle as it helps ignite the Light surrounding all of us!

Many Blessings for everyone! 

Look for more classes in 2022 that help raise our energetic vibration for physical, emotional, spiritual health, and balance.

I wish you Peace, Courage, Strength, Love & Gratitude!