January 2022 Newsletter

Blessings to each of you in this new year of 2022!

We are able to release and let go of last year’s stressful events if we give ourselves permission to do so!  Hold your forehead lightly with one palm, with the other palm lay it flat on the top of your head and allow yourself to just release, breathe, and let go. You can come back to this position anytime you wish to release and let go of any emotion or event that is overwhelming you.

As we entered the new year my thoughts have been brought to the youth of our families and communities. How are the children and adolescents and young adults coping with all of these changes in our world today? Their lives have been impacted greatly by change. Their whole social structure that they’ve grown up in has changed.  How do we help our children deal with these adult issues that are forcing all of us all to evolve?

Children, toddlers, adolescents, and young adults have energetic imbalances just as we adults do. Their expression of the imbalances may be different depending on their stage of development they are experiencing. There may be more temper tantrums from the small children. Adolescents may find themselves more argumentative and angrier in their relationships. Young adults may be slipping into feelings of depression.

Acknowledging emotional reactions to change can guide us what is needed energetically.  Holding the main neurovascular points on the forehead can calm reactive behaviors and emotions.  This Is quick and easy and only takes one to two minutes to shift the energy.  Processing the excess emotions takes place and the person is free from the stress.  No matter what the emotion is, holding the neurovascular points in order of the rhythms addresses all of our unbalanced emotions.  This takes the guesswork out of what the issue might be and how to fix it. You can go to my website and view my YouTube channel to see how to hold the neurovascular points in order of the rhythms.

All of the videos on my YouTube channel can be used for children, adolescents, and young adults.  I’ve added new video clips that are free to watch.  Teaching our children how to be responsible by acknowledging their own emotions and giving them an action to take to provide balance will promote safety and a means of being in control.

Energy clearing sessions for children, toddlers, adolescents and young adults is just as important as for adults.  You may want to consider gifting your family with energy sessions for balancing, removing stress, and personal empowerment. 

Children and adolescent energy sessions are done during the night time while they are sleeping so there is no interruption with their daily schedule. They are taken on an energetic adventure that might include deep sea diving, traveling through fairyland, being in an amusement park, flying airplanes, being a master chef, or skiing downhill racing for the Olympics!  The imagination has no boundaries for the adventures that children can take while they’re having an energy session for balancing and stress reduction. Children receive a full report with the story of their adventure. 

The De-stress with joy book that is free from My website is appropriate for children as well. You can copy it. The children can cut it up, staple it and make a little book out of it to carry around with them. The exercises are simple and easy to do and ‘It Feels Good Too’.  Many people create games to play using the energy exercises for balancing and the release of stress. What fun that could be!

EnJoy and find balance through your Heart!

I wish you Many Blessings!

Dr. Gail V