Tree in winter and summer

Winter is past. Warm temperatures and sunshine are making their early appearances. Then the snow falls, the rain comes. But where did the sunshine go? Oh, there’s the sun and warmth again. What is this tease that mother nature is giving us? It is change. Change from winter into spring takes time. Mother Nature has billions of players that need to change from the form of winter into spring. If all the spring changes occurred at the same time, there would be an explosion of energy that would not result in evolution. Evolution is a process that is ordered in nature to ensure that transformation takes place.

If mother nature is ordered in the transition of seasons for evolution, why do we expect our evolution to occur overnight? We have the ego mind that brings thoughts of impatience and the desire to want it all yesterday. This is a human trait. No other being in mother nature has this ability. We are also unique in that we have the choice to change our thoughts from ego based to that of the Heart- patience, grace, joy, and wisdom. Avoid an explosion of energy and choose the wisdom of evolution from your Heart.

You can help your evolution process by doing your daily energetic health practices. Working with your Vagal Nerve and Triple Warmer provides the foundation for evolving stress energy into that of Grace, Peace, Strength, and Love! Visit my YouTube channel to view and learn energetic exercises for our personal energetic, physical, emotional & Spiritual evolution! Live each day with Gratitude for the evolution of your wisdom for your highest good! You Are Spring! A most beautiful, wondrous & loving process! Have a most blessed Spring filled with evolution and growth!

Dr. Gail V.