Riddle: What is a 4 Letter Word That Does NOT Exist?

Any time we hear the phrase ‘4-letter word’ we attach an emotion to it.  Ask yourself- what does that emotion mean for me in this moment?  Does your heart beat speed up a bit?  Do you feel a pit growing in your stomach? Does your mind begin to race with fleeting thoughts?  Do you feel anxious? Suddenly can’t sit still and don’t understand why? Does doubt begin to creep in? Maybe palms become sweaty, or you start burping really big burps? Are the feelings growing right now by not knowing the answer to the riddle?

The 4 – letter word that does NOT exist is fear.

Below is a message I received in meditation with Archangel Michael.  These are His words.

“Tell your People This: Set aside fear.  Fear is only 4 letters of the Universe- very small.  Yet you place so much value on it.” 

“You are Love.  You express Love every minute.  You all have the Gift of Love!”

“Joy is the ultimate manifestation of Love. Joy removes fear & doubt.  Joy is simple to obtain.  It is a simple thought of the word Joy, a baby, a tiny bunny rabbit, a baby chick, a flower, a first kiss, graduation, first day of the new job, health, sunshine, or stars!” 

With Gratitude to Archangel Michael!

When we are in a state of Joy, we can’t be affected by that little 4-letter word!

Below is an exercise that was given to me in meditation which opens the Heart, Generates Awareness of our Heart energy, Stimulates Creation of Joy, & Blesses us with Love!

Play with it. Make changes to it to meet your needs. Don’t make this a task.  Visualize yourself as your playful self and enJOY!

Breath and hand movements are involved in stimulating the energetic shifts.

Generating Joy Chakra Clearing

Left hand on Heart – Breathe in & out through your Heart

Right Hand on Solar Plexus 

Breathe in through Feet & out through Heart

Breathe in through Head & out Heart

Breathe in through Heart & out Feet & Head

Breathe in through Feet & Head & out Heart

Left Hand on Heart

Right Hand on Forehead

Breathe in Through 3rd Eye- (forehead, 6th Chakra) & out Heart

Feel the Heart Energy & JOY Fill Your Space


Many Blessings!

Much JOY!

Abundant LOVE!

Dr. Gail