Chakra Garden

Happy May Everyone!

We all have Spring Fever by now!  Cleaning up our yards and gardens to prepare for this next season of Growth and Development!

Did you know you can bring the energy of Your Chakras forward in YOUR Gardens?

Chakras are spinning energy centers that communicate information to and from us and the environment.  This includes our gardens!  And there is no better place to connect with your Higher Spirit than in Mother Nature

Consider this- Place brightly colored flowers in a circle or line in the order of your Chakra Energy!  The flowers can be placed in any design or order with your intention that they represent the energy of your Chakras!  Have FUN and be Creative!

As you plan your Chakra Garden, think of what it is you desire to manifest or what your needs are.

As you dig the earth, infuse each plant with the Love of each Chakra for Nourishment and Growth.  Of course, you can place crystals in your Chakra Garden to raise the energetic vibration even more!

Use this easy guide below to help with your choices of flowers. 
Remember, any flower will work with your intention.  Any color will represent your intentions!
Root Chakra- Energy of safety, security & Your Power – color is red
2nd Chakra-Sacral Chakra- Energy of Intuition & Creativity – color is orange
3rd Chakra- Solar Plexus- Energy of Power, self-confidence, self-esteem – color is bright yellow
4th Chakra- Heart & High Heart- Energy of LOVE for self & all others, compassion – color is green or pink
5th Chakra- Throat Chakra- Energy of Communication, expressing Your Truth! – color is blue
6th Chakra- Third Eye Chakra- Energy of Intuition and Inner Vision – color is indigo
7th Chakra- Crown Chakra- Energy of Your Soul, Higher Purpose, Spiritual Connection – color is White or Violet

Have fun as you plan your Chakra Garden! Visit your Chakra Garden daily in Gratitude and set your intentions.  Sit in your Chakra garden and meditate, asking for the Love of Spirit to guide you.  Watch as your Chakra Energy Grows with Your Flowers!

Grow Well in JOY!
Dr. Gail