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Society has been programed in so many ways to bring forward a specific response.

Our thoughts, actions, and behaviors are affected by societal programing.

When you see a sign that says, “American Family Insurance”, what immediately goes through your mind?  How are your thoughts changed by just reading these words?

I saw a billboard while driving the other day and it was for American Family Insurance.  My unconscious mind saw the entire 3 words above, but my conscious mind only pronounced ‘Ameri’.  The advertising jingle that goes along with the company name immediately took over finishing my comprehension of the company name!  So here I am singing the name of the company while being astonished by just how programed we are for response & recognition.

Ask yourself this-if a company can imbed itself into my mind with a musical jingle- would I be able to make my own jingle about Spirit or Love and imbed this into my cells, muscles, body & mind?  Bring any positive quality into your jingle and bring Love into your being!  Play and have fun with creating Your Jingle of Love! Here is short jingle I created and have been infusing into my full being- mind, body, & Spirit.  “Breathe, Breathe, Breathe in Love & Joy” 

A poem & energy exercise below by Mike Dooley, author, speaker & philosopher of the New Thought movement is from a card of Healing.  Ask that Love & Joy be imbedded into your being.  Maybe you will ‘hear’ your new jingle!    

        “Relax.   Breathe in deep.   Hold it.   Let it out.   Loosen your shoulders.   Smile.  Close your eyes.  You’ll be surprised at how many voices you’ll hear,  whispering sweet encouragement into your ear.” 

I hope you enJoy the poem and your new jingle in life- utilize your power, trust you are being supported by Spirit and choose what energy enters your subconscious.   Awareness that ‘You Are Love’ will be revealed!

Wishing You Much Love & Joy!  Many Blessings!     Dr. Gail