Rocks balancing on each other

Newsletter February 2023
Meditation of Joy
Channeled by Gail from Spirit


Hello Everyone!
I’m so excited to share with you a poem that I received in meditation from OUR Guides!  It is most appropriate for this time of year as we are beginning the transition from the Rhythm of Water (Winter) into the Rhythm of Wood (Spring).
What is it we feel and experience the most with sunshine and warmer temperatures beginning to peek through the clouds of Winter? 
We are smiling- We have a renewed sense of Hope, We experience JOY! 
Nourish and help balance your rhythms with the following feelings-
Hopeful, Kindness, Joyful, Compassion & Grace.
I am ‘Hopeful’ that you will be ‘Kind to yourself’, feel your’ Joy’, remember ‘Compassion’ comes to you first, and Bless it all with ‘Grace’ as you read Our Guides’ message below. 
Rub the bottom of your feet with a stainless-steel spoon numerous times a day to stay grounded and keep your polarities in proper order!  You will smile!
As always, reach out to someone you trust if you are stuck in an unbalanced state.
You deserve the Best that Life has to offer!

Don’t take anything for granted:
Instead- take EVERYTHING with GRATITUDE!

Joy is the ultimate manifestation of LOVE!
Joy removes fear and doubt.  It is simple to obtain-
Merely think a thought of Joy- a baby, a bunny, a flower in bloom or sunshine.
Smile !  Joy follows without a second thought!
Think of this – Joy is a Profession!
Make this Your Job- Joy First!
Make every day begin and be surrounded with Joy!
The Joy of Transition, Transformation & Change.
Face challenges First with Joy.
Open your consciousness to Joy.
Surround the challenge with Joy, then solutions will be revealed.
With Joy comes Peace, Harmony & Balance. 
Balance your energetic halves – Yin & Yang. 
If one is too strong- the other is less strong.
Fill your energy imbalances with Joy!
Yin is of the Earth- it is Love that was placed in Earth as She was created.
Yang is the Love of the Universe- placed here by Spirit.
Spirit sends Love to you from The Light, The One Source.
The Yin & Yang meet in our Heart- the Center of Love. 
The Center of the Universe.
Love creates the strength needed to meet the challenges of our world. 
You are accepted.
You are creative.
You will face and overcome challenges.
YOU ARE Created of LOVE & JOY !!!

Many Blessings to you for the Abundance of Joy!

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