When did I stop saying ‘Hello’ to The Angels?
“Messages From Joy!”

Ever find yourself feeling alone?  Wondering when the sensation of isolation is going to leave?  When will my path light up that I can follow?  How do I restore JOY in my daily life? 
Seems I have been asking these questions lately.  Suddenly I heard an answer, so very loud and clear.  “Gail, you have stopped saying hello to the Angels when you come home.”   I wasn’t aware of this behavior change! 
I had a practice of saying out loud to The Angels every time I entered my home- “Hello Angels! I’m Home!” 
“Thank You for bringing me home safely.” 
“Thank You for protecting our home!”
Realizing that I had stopped this wonderful behavior led me to ask, ‘how can this happen?’, especially when I work with Spirit in my energy practice every day.
The answer was readily given to me.  I stepped away from my heart energy and let the world be my guide – the ego guide.  I had allowed the stressors of our worldly life to be in control. 
As I slipped back into this human behavior, I slipped away from greeting and thanking The Angels for supporting and guiding me.   I was struggling with many issues in life.  I realized my ‘feeling isolated and alone’ was reintroduced by life stress and the loss of holding The Angels close to my Heart!
I began greeting The Angels with Joy and Gratitude again consciously every time I entered my home.  It only took one time of restoring the practice of greeting The Angels when I entered the house to feel fully supported and surrounded by Love & Joy!  I have regained the insight to my happiness- through my Heart!
When we feel alone, isolated, not able to find our path, unhappiness, restless in life- ask yourself- “When did I stop saying Hello to The Angels?”  Open your Heart again and allow the world’s demands to be second to Heart.  Take care of self first.  You will be provided with the tools to regain your Joy!
A very simple technique to align our energetic body with our Heart purpose and relocate our path involves activating a few acupressure points within our Electrical Energy System.
Place the pads of your thumbs at the beginning of each of the eyebrows (above the nose ridge).  Now, slip the thumbs down towards the eye a bit until you drop in a dip just under the eyebrow ridge.  It may be tender when you press.  That indicates you need this!
Next, place your middle fingers in your hairline directly above the eyes.  If your hairline is receded, locate where it used to be to find the acupressure points.
Press on all four points together for 3-5 minutes. 
Take a few deep breaths every little bit while holding the points. 
Bring to mind that you have the power to release, let go, and bring in the Love & Joy that was covered up by the stress of our world.
You are never alone.  The Angels never leave us, even if our conscious life gets in the way.  You are a Soul from The Light and will always be surrounded by Your Angels! 
May Angelic Blessings & Much Joy be restored to your life!
Dr. Gail
Your Angels are waiting for your return!