Forgiveness is a step in Healing with Joy! 
How do we forgive when we have been hurt by another you ask? 
Hurt becomes our perception of the experience that we have chosen to take within, unconsciously perhaps, but none the less, we have the option to choose.  Forgiveness begins with ourselves. 
Can we think of this: Where I was – is not who I am.  When I am not in a state of forgiveness for self, I am blaming myself for the experiences I am having.  I am blaming others for all the feelings of sadness, anger, anxiousness, worry, and grief. My energies are unbalanced holding me down in this sea of emotions.
This is not who I am. 
Where I was – when angry, overcome with sadness, blaming the world for my troubles- Where I was- stuck within the limitations of ego – is not who I am.
I learned I have choice to respond through the limitations of ego and become stuck – or- choose a balanced response with forgiveness for self and choose to respond through Heart – This is Who I am……………
Awareness–Choosing to open my mind and Heart to that which I may not see.  This allows me to be ready to Receive the gifts of Spirit.  Trust my Heartto bring forward the messages of Forgiveness and infuse me with LOVE!  This is Who I AM.
Listen– Choosing to be still and listen to the messages from the Divine Source.  Trust my thoughtsthat the words I hear from with-in my Heart are real.  Hear that I am already forgiven!  This is Who I AM.
-Trust – Choosing to step out of my fear.  Taking the step to forgive myself.  What have I got to lose by stepping forward with out fear?
Trust my higher self- guidance.This is Who I AM.
-ACT – Choosing to take action on what I trust and the messages from My Heart.  I choose to act on self-forgiveness so I can trust.  Now my Awareness opens the door for me to Listen, then I Trust more, and I take Action
This is Who I AM.
ALTA- Awareness, Listen, Trust, Act
I release my fears and forgive myself- This is Who I AM!!
Trust supports my decisions to Act from the Heart through Gratitude & Love – This is Who I AM!!
I accept who I AM – This is Who I AM!!
I choose self-forgiveness!  This is Who I AM!!
I choose to Heal with JOY!  This is Who I AM!!
May Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust, Joy & Love be your guide as we walk through our future together! 
ALTA your life and Transform with Love & Joy while you recognize –
Many Blessings & Much Joy-
Dr. Gail
If you are feeling off balance or stuck in emotions that don’t support who you are, an energetic rebalancing may help you ALTA your life