Joy is being shared by thousands of people today to allow us an avenue to see that we have the Power to overcome the stressors we live and walk through each day.  Joy is a very powerful emotion and state of being that enlightens the Heart and releases our Love!  As Love is released it transforms undesirable emotions into that which are filled with Joy and Love! 

Our perspective of the situation we are walking through transforms and new solutions to problems are revealed!   You see how much strength and power you have within your Heart?  When we silence the ‘scatter chatter’ (©MEM 2020) in the mind, the Loving Joyful whispering messages of Heart can be heard. 

We are in the beginning of summer now.  The Solstice brought in a new wave of higher vibrational energy for us to utilize!  Breathe it in through your Heart! 
As you do this be reminded of the balance of your Five Rhythms of energy. 

We are now in the Rhythm of Fire- Summer- Joy!  This is our balanced state- Joy!  Rekindle your passion for fun.  Step out in nature and play.  Pretend as if you were a child again, delighting in the nature faeries and nature sprits dancing all around you.  Smell the flowers, welcome the bees, and watch for the butterflies to dance in your gardens!

When you feel overwhelmed, recognize how you are feeling, take a breath in through your heart via your nose and exhale through your mouth and Heart at the same time.  Stand outside in nature and open your arms and stretch open your Heart.  Exchange the Joy with Mother Nature!  Surrender your stress and receive the bountiful blessings of Joy!  Notice how quickly this calms and transforms the ‘scatter chatter’ (©MEM 2020) from the stress. 

If you wish to learn more about the Rhythm of Fire and the Five rhythms, please visit my website and read my blog and watch the videos.
I send you much Joy and Love for every day!  Remember to reclaim your Power!  It’s just inside your precious Joy filled Heart!

Much Joy & Love to You!

Healing with Joy & Gratitude!