Energy knows no boundar

What is Distance Energy Healing?  Is distance healing the same as Remote Viewing?  Do I have to travel a long distance to receive it?  Who can receive Distance Energy healing?  How does all this work?  These may be some questions you have about Distance Energy Healing.  Remote Healing Session is, for the purpose of our message today the same thing.  Remote viewing has a bit of different definition to be revealed at the August free webinar on Distance Healing!

First we need to understand that everything is energy.  We are an energetic being.  Our body has systems of energy surrounding and traveling through every cell.  The energy is organized in specific patterns in order for our body to function, grow & heal. 

Second, as difficult to understand that which we don’t see, energy has no boundaries.  Research has been done numerous times with an energy healer and an energy client thousands of miles apart.  The energy healer has sent out healing energy thoughts to the client and the energy was registered by electronic monitoring machines and felt by the client.  Documentation of the energy having no boundaries has been proven for humans, plants, animals, the world, and the Universe.

The trained healer tunes into your energetic frequency much like you tune into the Wi-Fi for your phone or computer. You open your device, turn it on and voila! – you are connected.  It’s all about the frequency of the energy vibrations that we as energy healers connect to.  It is the healer’s intention to connect with your energetic frequency.  Once connected to your energetic frequency, the energy can be moved about in order to clear, release, align, and balance the energy for your health! 

Everyone can experience Distance Energy Healing.  Children love having Distance Energy Healing.  Pets who become sick or have behavior issues benefit from Distance Energy Healing!

In order to receive energy from a distance, all you need to do is be in a safe place, be comfortable, undisturbed and be open to the energy freely moving.  Some people feel energy movement by rushes or waves of tingling sensations in their body.  Others feel nothing at all.  Even if you feel nothing moving during your session, know and trust that the energy flow has been rebalanced.  It won’t be long before you notice how much different your day is moving forward.  Positive changes begin to show up rather quickly.  Problems you’ve struggled with seem to disappear or become less stressful and more manageable just as if you had an in-person energy healing session. 

Distance energy can be described easily, although there is a bit more to it than what this newsletter is able to discuss!  This is why I’ll be having a FREE webinar discussing more details and answering your questions about Distance Energy Healing Sessions on August 26th from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm CST.

I’ll provide you with examples of how adults, children and pets have benefitted from Distance Energy Sessions.

Please visit my website to register for this 90-minute session of Distance Energy!

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