The warmth of the soil in June brings many of us to our knees to revel in the glory of Mother Earth!  How fresh the soil feels and smells!  Those tiny seeds have sent forward sprouts and are transforming by the hour as the sunshine warms the earth.  After a rain fall, all of Mother Nature smells so fresh and clean.  Her colors deepen and become more intense.  The plants grow before our eyes!  We anticipate the opening of the buds for flowers to bloom.  Colors come alive painting a canvas of beauty in our yards and neighborhoods.  Step into your garden, feel your excitement raising as you find the first produce ready for harvest!  Oh, it tastes so good fresh off the vine! 

But what’s this now – weeds are filling up the space of the gardens, crowding in on the plants depriving them of nutrients and water.  Time to cultivate the earth to remove the weeds and groom the soil to accept the next rainfall.  We stand back, admiring the work of Mother Nature in gratitude.  Now, time to rest, at least for a few days before the weeds begin to come back to the garden.  Then we begin harvesting and cultivating once again and the cycle continues. 

Just as our garden grows, we too, have been given opportunity to step into our full potential!  This is a time in our world when growing from many difficult changes has been challenging.  Creative ways of seeking our potential have manifested for us to continue planting and cultivating our lives!  And the weed control plan has been laid out for us to use.

Opening our consciousness to the beauty of challenge activates the Energy of Love from our Hearts!  John Lennon wrote the famous song “All You Need Is Love” in 1967.  It was performed on the first live global TV link and viewed by over 400 million people!  I challenge you to revisit the lyrics-
As our consciousness and Hearts open, our path forward is illuminated and ‘there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done’ (John Lennon, 1967). 

Tools have been in place for all time to help us generate Love from our Heart.  My favorite tools to use are simple yet powerful. 
Consciousness based:
Think Love in every situation you enter before you notice the weeds.  For if Love comes to mind first, the weeds growing around our feet will be simple to relocate without losing the essence we need to grow.
Physical based:
The next hug you give, hug on the left side of the body and not the right.  Our Heart is located on the left side of our chest.  Let’s activate the Love in our Heart to share with others as well as ourselves.  Try it- it feels different, but if you hold the left side hug for a moment, the difference you are feeling is Love!
Energy based:
Tap your Heart a few times.  Then draw figure 8’s from your Heart outward to the world.  This wakens your Love and sends it forward, first through your energies, then for the rest of the world to feel!  Raise your energetic vibration with Love! 
Step into your ‘Garden of Love’. 
Place your seeds, grow, bloom, produce, and breathe!
“Love Is All You Need” to plant and cultivate your full potential! 

Many Blessings & Much Joy to each of you!
In Gratitude,
Dr. Gail