Autumn Equinox Marks First Day of Fall!

Autumn 2023

It is time for our next energetic transition from our Summer Fire Rhythm to that of Fall.  Autumn Equinox occurs on Sept 23, 2023 at 1:50 AM CST.  During the season of Fall, our Earth Rhythm Energy moves into the same alignment as the Sun- to the Center of our Rhythm Cycle.  The Fall Equinox…

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Tips to Rise Above the stress of our World

Expanding Heart

Greetings Everyone in this important time of our year!  It is the time of the 8/8 Lions Gate- a Stellar Gateway!   Occurring on August 8th each year, Lions Gate is the joining of two strong cosmic energies: the star Sirius coming into alignment with Earth and the Sun exerting its influence from its ruling sign of…

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Balance Versus Conflict

Heart Rock

Summer Solstice brought to us New Light with a reminder that Light and Love are always available to us!  Everywhere we go, in everything we do! How do we observe our experiences in this world?  Ask yourself- am I in a Balanced State or one with conflict?  While taking my daily walk I became aware…

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There Are No Problems – Only Solutions

May 2023 NewsletterMeditation of JoyChanneled by Gail from Spirit In my meditation the other day I kept hearing this phrase- “There are no problems, only solutions”.  As I was trying to figure out this weird message I began looking for a solution to the puzzle I had just been given!  Beginning with the word or…

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Is Your Perspective Clouded?

April 2023 NewsletterMeditation of JoyChanneled by Gail from Spirit Definition: Perspective-a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view (Oxford dictionary) Taking this another step forward:Perspective is a way of thinking about AND understanding a particular experience in life, the way we see the world.  Judgement and subjective opinions form within our cellular…

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WINTER – What IS This Season Trying to Teach Me?

Winter Days

January, 2023 I ask myself this question every year- “What is Winter trying to teach me?”  Seems my focus is more on staying warm, keeping gloves and scarves at the ready, snow shovels and ice melt in stock, and of course- the snow cleats for my boots so I don’t slip and fall on the…

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Distance Energy Balancing & Healing Workshop

Greetings to you ! As we begin the transition to fall, things in our lives materialize that need to be released in order to create new energetic space.  Breathe as the changes begin and know all is in perfect order! Please join me on a Journey through the World of Universal Healing Energy for “Distance…

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Distance Energy Healing Workshop

Joyce suffered from extreme worry for years.  Joyce had been to many practitioners through the years with no relief from her intense worry.  She received different medications and experienced multiple types of behavior therapies, but Joyce’s worry continued to rule her life decisions.  In 2007, Joyce sought other modalities for healing.  She came across my…

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What are you programed for?

Tall trees

Society has been programed in so many ways to bring forward a specific response. Our thoughts, actions, and behaviors are affected by societal programing. When you see a sign that says, “American Family Insurance”, what immediately goes through your mind?  How are your thoughts changed by just reading these words? I saw a billboard while…

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