April 2023 Newsletter
Meditation of Joy
Channeled by Gail from Spirit

Definition: Perspective-a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view (Oxford dictionary)
Taking this another step forward:
Perspective is a way of thinking about AND understanding a particular experience in life, the way we see the world. 
Judgement and subjective opinions form within our cellular memory and energy system that may become charged with negative emotions based on our perspective. 

Therefore, our perspective may be charged with emotions from our life experiences that cloud options that could change us for the positive. 
Here are a few tips to gain positive perspectives from the challenges we face each day.

-Release judgement and replace these thoughts with your Heart’s Compassion – LOVE
-Focus on objective facts
-Recognize the 4-letter word -fear- is just that- a 4-letter word that we don’t need in our thoughts or energy system!
-Know you are worthy of having a positive perspective about yourself first!
-Re-set your energy system by doing an Energy Hook-Up.  Connect your frontal brain with the rest of your body energies and feel the refreshment begin! Place a middle finger between the eye brows and other middle finger in the navel.Press deeply in and upwards. Take a few deep breaths and feel the energy shift from negative to Hopeful and Joy! Do this any time your Perspective becomes charged with conflicting emotion. Hook-Up to bring clarity into your Perspective and thoughts.  
Take a step out of stress to reset your energies through the nervous and energetic system.  Hook-Up often during the day and empower yourself with healing! 
EnJoy the blossoms as they come forward in this season of Spring- a time for action and growth!  Empower Your perspective to bloom to your fullest potential just as Mother Nature is actively doing!

Many Blessings & Much Joy!
Dr. Gail