Collage of nature images

Our expectations of how our life should flow, what we need to do, where we go, what we deserve in life is based predominately on our ego thoughts.  Unfortunately, our ego thoughts are not always beneficial.  We need our ego to be balanced and not governing our lives.
I experienced a  beautiful lesson of releasing expectations.  It was a very hot late summer day.  The power went off in the neighborhood for a number of hours.  When I was done watering the gardens, I went inside to take a shower and cool off. 
Well, there was no power for the hot water heater.  Then I thought I’ll grab an ice bag and put it on my sore back from the yard work.  No power- risk of freezer getting warm if I open it up.

Then I moved to get in my recliner and put my feet up to relieve my discomfort and rest- again- no power to operate the electric chair!

No fan power to move the air around the house to cool me off!

Couldn’t watch a movie and risk wearing down the battery on my computer or phone.

Can’t climb in bed and take a nap because I’m all hot and sweaty!
So, I sit down in frustration and reflect on my I CAN’T self-talk. 
I stuck myself in a negative spiral of beating myself up and having anger and frustration about the electricity being off.
I become silent long enough to hear my Guardian Angel Whispering to me-
The message I hear, so gentle and filled with Love & Compassion comes…
Archangel Michael says: “Just BE Present.  Just Be with Spirit.  Reflect on your goodness.”   What DO I have to be Grateful for right now?  Where IS my Heart Energy?

In this moment, my frustration left me, I apologized to myself for stepping on the negative spiral downward.  I praised myself for being Grateful for what I do have- my consciousness, my breath, my Love, my safety, and it was still cooler in the house than outside. I sat and observed nature spirits and birds as they played in the freshly watered garden.  I drank 2 bottles of room temperature water with gusto!  My Guardian Angel Michael continued to pass messages of Hope and Love to me for the next 2 hours.  
In an instant I changed my expectations from ego based energy into Heart based Energy.  I triumphed over the electric power loss.  Nothing was harmed by this.  I learned a valuable lesson – I HAVE THE POWER OVER EXPECTATIONS!!   When Heart and Soul steps forward, Love, Gratitude, and JOY prevails!  Bless your Solar Plexus Chakra for balancing with JOY!
EnJOY your expectation transitions!
Many Blessings-
Dr. Gail