Letting Go with Grace
Grace Go

It is a beautiful time of the year watching all the trees and shrubs turning colors.  It brings alive a freshness that we can see, smell, and feel.  Such a regenerating feeling flows through the body!  This is a time in our lives to follow what Mother Nature is sharing with us – how to let go of things that are not serving purpose at the time. 

The leaves are no longer needed on the tree branches for the winter.  The earth welcomes the new covering for regenerating the soil for next years’ growth.  The soil and all its inhabitants need the nourishment that comes from recycling the energy of the leaves.  Balance of our eco-system is established by the letting go process.
As the outdoor temperature continues to drop lower, have you taken notice how the colors of leaves change before they slowly fall to the earth?  We are able to model after Mother Nature’s graceful release.  We hold emotions, feelings, and other clutter in our lives that needs to be released in order for our eco system to be regenerated.  Once released, we feel the new space inside and around us that is created, and our growth is able to continue.  
We begin the letting go process through the breath.  Breathe in and exhale through the heart.  Consciously bring the heart’s loving energy forward.  Allow your love to fill the spaces that were occupied by frustrations, fear, sadness, guilt, worry and clutter.  You can then experience Your new space!  Create your future with every breath you take!