Dr. Gail V.

Energy Healing, Mind, Emotion, Body & Spirit
Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, FNP, EEM-AP
Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner
Quantum Healing Practitioner

We are beings of complex energy systems that require all the components to be healthy in order for the whole to be healthy. The Mind needs to be free of clutter and overload form the ‘scatter-chatter’ that our ego provides. The ego is necessary for survival in a day to day world. The ego is not designed to direct us all day, every day. In essence, we are over-using the ego functions ‘thinking’ that is how we ‘should be’. Ego tells us all the ‘should of’s’ in life. We are never able to meet all the unrealistic expectations of ego because it continues to demand more, and more, and more from us.

The stress that occurs to us with all the demands of ‘be this’ or ‘do that’ or ‘be the best’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ is incredible and we start to feel more like a failure than successful. We notice that the daily routine we created for ourselves by listening to ego 24 hours a day generates a lack of enthusiasm for life. The ‘Joy’ disappears and is replaced with gray clouds.

Our Emotions begin to flair. Frustrations with our self is expressed onto others. When we have a moment to breathe, guilt quickly steps in when we realize how frustrated and angry we have been. Anxiousness can replace frustrations that proves to be counter-productive to our lives as well. Worry consumes our sleep and fear governs our every move during the day.

The physical body loses vitality and resiliency. Exhaustion sets in from lack of sleep and stressful emotions all day long. Pain begins to occur to our joints, the back, and headaches become more frequent. Abdominal function is affected with symptoms of indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, food intolerance, and acid reflux. Shortness of breath and chest pain may occur. Blood sugar levels rise and fall in an uncontrollable manner. Respiratory colds and flu symptoms begin to appear with the prolonged stress responses.

All the mental, emotional, and physical discomforts taking place creates self-doubt. We begin to question our purpose and meaning in life. Always being controlled by demands and not taking time to do the things we like becomes a cycle of entrapment. After a while, we forget what we used to like and only feel and see the vortex of desperation that we live in. We are lost.

The above scenario describes how we as energy beings are influenced by compounded stress of daily life. Blockages of energy flow occur to the four parts that make us whole- Mind, Emotion, Body & Spirit. This is reality.

You have options to open the energy blockages and restore balance to your Mind, Emotion, Body & Spirit. You can have vitality again. Joy and gratitude can lead you in your daily journey. Muscle and emotional pain could be resolved. You can find your direction in life again. You are able to regain self-Love and be at peace!

Restoration of your body’s energetic flow is critical to the foundations for healing. This can be done by having an energy evaluation and correction session . With physical distancing guidelines today, it is not possible to have hands-on energy sessions. However- the solution is to have Distance Energy Sessions done by a qualified Energy Healing Practitioner .

Distance Energy Sessions are as effective as being in the hands of the practitioner. Energy has no boundaries. Evidence demonstrates that a person in Alaska can feel the effects of Healing Energy being given to them by someone in Florida. The research has been done many times over the years with the same conclusion- one does not have to be in the same room as the Energy Practitioner to have positive outcomes.

Distance Energy Sessions have been successful for my clients for the past 13 years. For the past 7 years, I have more distance energy sessions scheduled than in person. Individuals all over the United States and the World are able to heal from the harmful chronic effects of stress.

Children are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of stress. They are also the most receptive of the Distance Energy Sessions. Entire families are benefiting from Distance Energy Sessions. Distance sessions for children are performed at night when they are sleeping for their convenience. Comments I receive include; “My daughter no longer has nightmares”, my son has become focused in his daily routines”, my children are so much calmer and finding ‘Joy’ in life again”!

Teaching Energy Healing Practitioners how to perform Distance Energy Healing for their clients is another part of my Energy Healing Practice.

You can email me at gail@MidWestEnergyMovment.com to schedule consultation about a Distance Energy Healing session specific to your needs.
Cell contact is 507-244-1994.

I wish for Joy and Light to be restored to you!
Many Blessings!
Dr. Gail V.