Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness
Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, FNP, EEM-AP
Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner
Quantum Healing Practitioner

Greetings to All!  Welcome to MidWest Energy Movement’s First ‘Energy Awareness’ feature.  I have been called to retire from my Nursing Career of 50 years in order to redirect my career full time into Healing Energy for others, the community, the world and the Universe!  I started my Nursing career as a Candy Striper at age 14 and never turned back!  I’ve been a Nurse Practitioner since 1996. I earned my Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2013.  The benefits of being a Nurse and an Energy Healer is having a full awareness of how the physical body functions and is able to integrate the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing as One.  We are all individuals, yet we are All One! 
We have a renewed energy that has produced new services for your Healing and Education!  Newly designed Distance Energy Sessions integrate into your lifestyle without stress!  Distance Energy Healing Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home.  Times are flexible including early mornings, evenings, weekends, and at night while you sleep!  Children love Distance Sessions while they sleep!  Children are given a personalized story book report with pictures for you to read with them about their Adventure of Healing. 
New education classes offered by high demand include:
“Empowerment Through Energy”

  •  How We Interpret Energy Through the Senses
  • How You Make a Difference in Our World of Energy
  • Discover Your Guides and Navigate Your Journey Through the Energies
  • Sensory Types and Elemental Rhythms in Your Approach to Being Empowered
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Develop Your Chakra Garden
  • Connecting With Spirit
  • Understanding about Your Angels

Workshops for Learning about Your ‘Special Gifts’ with the Energies:
Designed for individuals who sense energy but don’t know what to do about it. Every Age Person is Welcome!

  • You Are NOT Alone – You Are NOT Strange- Mentoring for Novices, Young and Mature
  • Understanding What the Energy is About
  • You Are Gifted! You See Colors, Angels, Fairies- and More!
  • Increase Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Crystals, Sound Vibration, Sacred Geometry
  • Being Empathic- Why I Take On Others Energy to Help Them Feel Better
  • Recognizing & Clearing – When You Have Taken On Another’s Energy
  • Self-Protection from Outside Energies

Hoping to engage with your Energies in the near future!
Thank You for being active in your Energetic Health! 
You Are So Blessed!
Dr. Gail