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The veil has lifted and we now scheduling in-person energy sessions, contact me to schedule your in-person or distance energy session!

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Take advantage of Dr. Gail V.'s complimentary 30-minute consultation to assess your energy levels and discuss a plan for healing.

Dr. Gail V. is an energy healer who understand the dynamic of actively working with subtle heart energy. Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting different results.” Our continual search for answers in a singular, corporeal landscape facilitates this imbalance. The equilibrium we seek can only manifest itself in the steadiness that comes from embodying the gifts of both these worlds. Dr. Gail V. materializes both her history of over 50 years in the medical field, (see her curriculum vitae), and transitioning to the energetic model of health and wellness care in recent years.

Dr. Gail V. is a sought-out authority in the field of energetics, teaching the public, patients, health care and healing arts professionals, and utilizing energy medicine to transform harmful effects of stress into health.  She is an expert in integrative holistic health practices: pain management, resolving harmful effects of stress, infusing Joy, Peace & Love in daily living, raising energetic vibrations, and promoting health, vitality & wellbeing.  Dr. Van Kanegan is currently an Eden Method Energy Medicine instructor and advanced practitioner, national and international speaker and maintains a private Energy Medicine Practice.

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Watch this video - Five Minutes for Increased Energy - Clear out toxins and increase vitality with a five-minute daily routine.

Watch this video where we Trace Your Body's Energy Meridians to sync with your biologic clock. This brings energy & vitality to all your organs and systems of the body. This helps to release stress that has accumulated. Blocked energy pathways can begin to flow by tracing your Meridians.

Watch this video with Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP and Shauna Van Bogart as they discuss an introduction to energy healing and how it can help shape a better understanding of self and enhance a business mindset.

Channeled Messages

Messages from the Divine

The Divine Spirit provides us with messages daily to help us discover the Love we hold inside.

Sharing the messages of Love is part of the Divine Spirit’s purpose.

We can learn how to bring more Love and Abundance into our lives.

Please enjoy the messages and identify how they speak to you. 

Open your Heart and Quiet the Mind to hear more messages designed just for you!

Joelene R.

Joelene R.

October 20, 2020
A Message From the Divine:
The veil of darkness has been lifted and pushed back. The Light of Source is fully upon us.
We all need to be aware to use The Light of Love going forward.
Never take The Light for granted. Always keep The Light in your Heart and the Heart of all.
Let The Light guide you, comfort you, and expand you in whatever it is you are meant to do here. Give thanks and gratitude daily for all.
Don’t be complacent going forward. Embrace your role and bathe in its Divineness. See all the Beauty. Enjoy All the Diversity.
Clean up the environments around you.
Give thanks to all. Be Grateful and Gracious to All and For All.
Our world is bigger than it appears to you. You will be made aware of this going forward. We are counting on you to do use The Light. All our futures depend on this. Never take this for granted.
You are Loved completely and entirely no matter who you are, what you do, or where you live or came from.
Joy and Happiness Are For All.
With Gratitude and Love to Each and Everyone of you going forward. Namaste.

Healing Books

Purchase your copy to reveal the process by which you can elevate your understanding of frequency and the means by which our bodies absorb and release various levels of energy. Authors Barbara Evans, BSc, PGCE, Jackie Mulanax, RN-BC, MA, CHTP, and Dr. Gail Van Kanegan, DNP, FNP, APHN, EEM-AP, are all contributors to The Art of Raising Frequency.

During the last few months, we have all been subjected to a new way of being in the world. Covid-19 has impressed upon us, more than ever before, how precious life is and to make the most of every day. My book, How to Survive Your Hospital Stay, is a resource for you to act as your own advocate when encountering medical needs and how to prepare yourself for a hospital stay.