Due to Covid-19 circumstances, our classes for 2020 have been cancelled and will resume in some fashion in 2021. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need information!


Empowerment Through Energy Series

Designed especially for children, teens and all age novices of the Energies:

  • How We Interpret Energy Through the Senses
  • How You Make a Difference in Our World of Energy
  • Discover Your Guides and Navigate Your Journey Through the Energies
  • Sensory Types and Elemental Rhythms in Your Approach to Being Empowered
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Develop Your Chakra Garden
  • Connecting With Spirit
  • Healing Transformations- Spiritual & Physical
  • Medicinal Herb Garden- Simple & Easy!
  • Healing With Nature- You Can Connect Deeper
  • Quieting the Mind and Stepping Into Heart Space
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It?
  • Clearing Your Chakras- Yes You Can Do This!
  • Increase Physical and Mental Energy
  • How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiousness
  • Getting Out of Depression
  • Relieving Pain-Acute & Chronic
  • Can’t Sleep? Try These Simple Techniques to Better Health
  • Meditation? A New Look at Utilizing a Powerful Tool
  • Grounding Techniques – Stubborn Symptoms Not Resolving?  Get Your Energy Crossing Over Body.


Learning about Your ‘Special Gifts’ with the Energies

Designed for individuals who sense energy but don’t know what to do about it.

Every Age Person is Welcome!

  • You Are NOT Alone – You Are NOT Strange- Mentoring for Novices, Young and Mature
  • Understanding What the Energy is About
  • You Are Gifted! You See Colors, Angels, Fairies- and More!
  • Increase Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Crystals, Sound Vibration, Sacred Geometry
  • Being Empathic- Why I Take On Others Energy to Help Them Feel Better
  • Recognizing & Clearing - When You Have Taken On Another’s Energy
  • Self-Protection from Other’s Energies
  • Developing Your Support Group

Workshop Description and Details

Balancing Your Energy Systems
You will learn techniques of the ‘Daily Routine’ for energy. We will discuss the principles of Energy Medicine, review what the nine energy systems are, review grounding, finding balance, and practice grounding exercises. The meridians will be reviewed, and you will learn how to trace, activate, strengthen and relax your extremities. Water and healing properties will be evaluated, and you will be introduced to the use of crystals in energy work.

Energy Healing Retreat: Caring for Self
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body. Introduce the Aura and how you are protected by it, how to strengthen and cleanse your aura. We will review Water and healing properties. You will be introduced to the Radiant Circuits and the benefits received by their activation. We will do a Hand massage exchange, Clear negative energies, work with Stress management techniques all the while Empowering yourself for your needs. We will eat and learn about Energy foods and do an Exercise of the five rhythms. You will be introduced to meditation with practice time and will receive the famous Brazilian Toe exchange.

Managing Chronic Pain Through Healing the Energy Systems
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body, Water and healing properties review. Discuss Integrative and Holistic therapies that work for pain reduction, Describe effects of acute and chronic pain, Demonstrate and practice Acupressure for pain control.  Demonstrate Magnet therapy and how to use it safely; we will open channels for the pain to leave the body, and practice many techniques for relieving pain.

Part I: Healing the Immune System through Energy Healing
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body, along with Water and healing properties. We will discuss the definition of the Immune System. We will learn the different parts of the Immune System and Review Immune System Function. This leads to Discussion about Autoimmune and Immune System diseases-The Body’s Stress response-Effects of Chronic Stress- and the Energetic Immune System

Part II: Healing the Immune System through Energy Healing
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body along with Water and healing properties

More Chronic Stress with Introducing Triple Warmer! Meridians and the Immune System, Balancing Triple Warmer and Spleen, Empowerment and affirmations.

Womyn’s Health and Energy Healing
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body and Water and healing properties. We will learn about Hormone issues, menstruation, perimenopause, menopause, Thyroid function, adrenal glands, cortisol, Breast and bone health through Energy Medicine. Emotional health and healing with Energy Medicine, learn how to balance your Five Rhythm Elementals, Energy for Fertility will be discussed along with Prevention and managing chronic disease ending with Positive affirmations

Chakra and Neurovascular Balancing
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body along with Water and healing properties. You will have an Introduction to Chakras, Chakra function, learn and practice how to clear your Chakras; we will have a Chakra clearing exchange, learn about Crystals and Chakras and Color and Chakras. You will experience a Chakra Meditation, do Chakra Exercises, Neurovascular balancing, learn Stress reduction with Neurovasculars

Balancing Energy in Depression
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body, and Water and healing properties. Discuss the physiological effects of depression. Review mood and emotional involvement in depression & panic attacks, discuss and balance the Five Elemental Rhythms, Hormone Balance practice, Healing the energy system, work with Stress Management and Positive affirmations

Releasing Stress, Letting Go, & Moving Forward
Review the ‘Daily Routine’ and the benefits for your body, Water and healing properties. This is all about letting go of the negative in your life and moving forward. You will learn exercises to release negative energy specific to moving forward, Letting go of grief, despair, anger, fear, over compassion, depression. You will learn ways to keep yourself moving forward that are simple yet powerful.