TransformationEverything is preparing for the Transformation to the next part of the journey in life.  Fall is the time to release and let go of emotions we have been holding on to.  Examine what bothersome thoughts are running through your head all day.  Look for the source of the bothersome thought and release it through your heart.  Fill this cleared space with the energy of your Heart.


Join me as we discuss how to release trapped energy and to let go of the ties that bind you to the past.

These classes are for everyone, to learn, to remember, and to understand that our bodies are made of boundless energy. Sign up for the class and you will be sent a Zoom invitation to join the class.  Please sign on to Zoom before the conference to be sure your computer has the program downloaded properly.

I encourage you to email me questions prior to the class dates.  I will answer as many of the questions as possible during the class.

The classes will be recorded and uploaded to my YouTube channel for your access any time you desire.

Let’s create our future with gratitude, assertiveness, laughter, compassion, awe, and Joy!

Letting Go With Grace Webinar

Letting Go With Grace Webinar

Letting Go With Grace Webinar

Thursday, October 22nd, 7:00pm - 8:30pm CST

Sign up now for your opportunity to create balance in your life!