Distance Energy Healing Workshop

Joyce suffered from extreme worry for years.  Joyce had been to many practitioners through the years with no relief from her intense worry.  She received different medications and experienced multiple types of behavior therapies, but Joyce’s worry continued to rule her life decisions.  In 2007, Joyce sought other modalities for healing.  She came across my…

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What are you programed for?

Tall trees

Society has been programed in so many ways to bring forward a specific response. Our thoughts, actions, and behaviors are affected by societal programing. When you see a sign that says, “American Family Insurance”, what immediately goes through your mind?  How are your thoughts changed by just reading these words? I saw a billboard while…

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Healing with Joy – Spring Into Your Chakras!

Chakra Garden

Happy May Everyone! We all have Spring Fever by now!  Cleaning up our yards and gardens to prepare for this next season of Growth and Development! Did you know you can bring the energy of Your Chakras forward in YOUR Gardens? Chakras are spinning energy centers that communicate information to and from us and the…

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Healing with Joy – Fear is just a Four-letter Word

Riddle: What is a 4 Letter Word That Does NOT Exist? Any time we hear the phrase ‘4-letter word’ we attach an emotion to it.  Ask yourself- what does that emotion mean for me in this moment?  Does your heart beat speed up a bit?  Do you feel a pit growing in your stomach? Does…

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Healing with Joy – Spring IS in the Air!

Tree in winter and summer

Winter is past. Warm temperatures and sunshine are making their early appearances. Then the snow falls, the rain comes. But where did the sunshine go? Oh, there’s the sun and warmth again. What is this tease that mother nature is giving us? It is change. Change from winter into spring takes time. Mother Nature has…

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Healing with Joy – Youth & Energy

January 2022 Newsletter Blessings to each of you in this new year of 2022! We are able to release and let go of last year’s stressful events if we give ourselves permission to do so!  Hold your forehead lightly with one palm, with the other palm lay it flat on the top of your head…

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Healing with Joy – Gratitude


Warm greetings to each of you in the chill of December. I ponder what is important for me to remember each day – to be Grateful for what I have in my life right now.  How do we deal with overwhelming emotions when challenges come forward?  Be grateful you say?  But for what – the…

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Healing with Joy – Perspective of Perception

Warm Welcome Everyone to our October Newsletter! The season is in flux with grand beauty blooming a sea of colors through the trees.  I just love to walk or drive the same paths in order to be part of Mother Earth’s metamorphosis from summer to autumn.  For example, my sunflower garden had hundreds of blooms all summer. …

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Healing with Joy – ALTA- Your Spiritual Discharge Form

ALTA by one definition is ‘discharge form’.  What has this to do with raising your Spiritual vibration higher?  You can take this ‘discharge form’ and use it to be officially ‘discharged’ from the lower energetic vibrations holding you down within the lower dense energies.ALTA-        AWARENESS – open your mind and Heart to that which you do not…

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Healing with Joy: Empower Yourself

Quieting the Mind and Stepping Into Heart Space How does our mind become so full of thoughts all the time?  Why doesn’t my brain shut off when I want to rest, meditate, or sleep?  This is a real issue for all of us in our modern world.  Do a self-evaluation of your life activities during…

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